Boole, We have created four super cool devices called " Prijector ", " Peasy "
" Wireless HDMI " and " Boole Laptop "

Our technology not only brings people together but it also opens the door of wireless technology.

About Us

Boole, a product based company ( Products - Prijector,
Peasy, Wireless HDMI and Boole Laptop ) .

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Sunil Coushik - Founder & CEO

Sunil has founded and run multiple high-tech companies in the internet and telecom sectors. Before Prijector he was the founder and president of Bubble Motion, Bubble Motion has attracted venture capital to the tune of $50 Million from VCs like Sequoia Capital. Before Bubble Motion he was the CEO and founder of Ceasewire Labs which was a mobile company.

Boole Customers

Customers across all countries.


"Normally i never purchase first generation technology, but your product did look appealing. Prijector works surprisingly well, and by using this i will definetely advertise and recommend your product."
- Jean Jaques V (Retail Insights Director - Nielson Company)

"The two day session using it went VERY WELL. No problems whatsoever and the participants were super impressed..."
- Helen Turnbull PhD (CEO, Human Facets LLC)

"Some of the VGA connectors (grey) do not have long screws. The blue connectors are fine. If I have it with me, I will use a VGA extender: an adapter for the adapter. I use Scotch tape to join the adapter to one of the grey connectors..."
- Graham K. Rogers

"Prijector is certainly easy to set up. With the device hooked up to a display either through VGA or HDMI, it's simply a matter of connecting over Wi-Fi to get a set of on-screen instructions for sharing your presentation..."
- Philip Michaels